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Lovejam presents

Empowered Mornings


Hosted by Nathan Gallagher 

& Phil Cannaveda Yoga

01 March 2021, 08:00am | Daily Zoom

What you will receive ...

  • 5 daily live classes (yoga, breathwork, manifestation). 

  • Private membership forum & community support group. 

  • Recordings & on-demand playback access. 

  • PDF downloads (self coaching & educational assets). 

  • Empower up music playlist (for continuing self practice). 

  • 1 x Transformational Breath® session


Why you should be jumping at the opportunity to take part this time round ...

  • Join an inspiring & supportive community network group

  • Own your morning by starting the day in a positive way

  • Calm & focus your mind.

  • Boost your immune system. 

  • Boost your resilience to stress.

  • Improve your mental health.

  • Connect body and mind.

  • Identify, nourish and release blockages physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • Develop more heart-brain coherence to tap into the intuitive wisdom of your heart.

  • Elevate your energy levels, strengthen your electromagnetic field and energy body.

  • Learn to cultivate and work with sexual energy for manifestation. 

  • Develop a daily manifestation and intention processes that help you become in energetic vibrational alignment with the goals and future you desire.

  • Create & amplify your intentions through a collective practice

Variety is the spice of life

Alternating days, Phil & Nathan will be delivering a daily morning class to deepen & progress your yoga, breathwork & manifestation practices. 

Day 1

30 minutes Yoga with Phil

& 30 minutes breathwork flow with Nathan

Introduction to Hatha Yoga & Inspirational breathwork flow


  • Sun salutations

  • Unlocking the spine 

  • Opening the hips 

  • Activating & restorative breathwork 

  • Affirmations for your highest self 

Day 2 

Breathwork & Mindset Manifestation with Nathan 

Introduction to breathwork & mindset manifestation fundamentals 

  • How to breath optimally 

  • Diaphragmatic breathing flow

  • Balancing the nervous system flow

  • How my mum used subconscious reprogramming to beat stage 4 cancer. 

Day 3

Yoga with Phil

Introduction to Tantra Yoga

  • Moon salutations

  • Balancing the masculine & feminine energies

  • Heart opening flows

  • Releasing Fascia 

Day 4

Breathwork & Mindset Manifestation with Nathan

Activating Pranayama, restorative breathwork & creative visualisation

  • Essentials of Kundalini yoga 

  • 2 Stroke Breathing, Bhastrika, Kapalbhati

  • Balancing breathwork 

  • Soothing breathwork 

  • Using the senses to create a compelling vision

Day 5

Breathwork & Mindset Manifestation with Nathan

Cannaveda Yoga flow & breathwork manifestation practice. 

  • Grounding embodied flows

  • Ayurvedic Yoga self massage 

After our last sold out programme, here's what the participants had to say ..

"Working with Nathan has been an absolute pleasure. He is so knowledgable in breathwork and the positive benefits it can provide, he makes the science easy to understand blends the theory beautifully with practical exercises. He is highly professional, yet at the same time he is really friendly, approachable and fun. I will continue to collaborate with him as I know he is the best breathwork facilitator I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside. Thank you Nathan!'"

Rosie Peacock, Positive Psychologist and Wellness Coordinator

"Just done my first zoom class with Phil! I am feeling a deeper connection with my body, a more harmonious flow of energy and a still mind, Phil is a great Teacher that combines yoga, meditation and breath work in such a smooth way, he's style of yoga is suitable for all levels and feels very authentic, he really takes the practice back to its roots which i feel is important and has been hard for me to find a Teacher who does so."

Daniel Adio

About Your Facilitators 

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Phil Sweeney,

Cannaveda Yoga

Phil is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, founder of Cannaveda Yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist & Yotism (Yoga for Autism instructor).  

He has been building a 1-1 practice, offering yoga therapy, coaching, massage & yoga classes. 5 years of living and breathing Yogic philosophy daily and studying from many teachers and teachings all across the world, Yoga has become a passion and great form of expression for the deepest parts of Phils soul. He is deeply committed to the Yogic way of life & highly motivated to help people heal through yoga and organic herbal products. 

  • Instagram

Nathan Gallagher,

Nathan is a Transformational Breath® facilitator & trainee Oxygen Advantage® Instructor. He is the founder of Lovejam & Breath By Nathan, a platform for science backed breathwork to help optimise mental & emotional wellbeing. Nathan specialises in deep dive breathwork therapy for trauma release & emotional integration. He has a deep commitment to his own personal practice, he is well & truly obsessed with the power of conscious breathing as a practice to empower humanity. He first discovered the power of retraining the subconscious mind when he was 13 when his mother used the law of attraction to beat stage 4 cancer. He has since wrote a book on utilising the subconscious mind for self-healing. 

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5 day challenge (1st March - 5th March)

Daily 1 hour practice + Post class hangout


Live on Zoom


Usually worth over £100

this time its 100% free.

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As much as we would love to share this journey with you, nobody is going to make that all important decision to change your life but you. Confirm your place on the programme before we reach full capacity.


100% free! 

  • 5 daily live classes (yoga, breathwork, manifestation). 

  • Private membership forum & community support group. 

  • Recordings & on-demand playback access. 

  • PDF downloads (self coaching & educational assets). 

  • Empower up music playlist (for continuing self practice). 

  • 1 x Transformational Breath® session 

Lovejam Campout 2024
Lovejam Campout 2024
05 Sept 2024, 15:00
Location is TBD
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