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Healing, embodiment, music, creativity &

expression for your inspiration. 


An introduction to partner acrobatics that will enable you to begin or develop your acro practise; a way of connecting with your playful side in a safe, fun & explorative way, and connecting with others through touch, communication, and trust.


I invite you to explore your voice through practices and meditations, then singing harmony songs from different healing traditions connecting our voices and each other in a deeply moving way. I will then lead a rose sound healing journey to deeply integrate the experience.


Moving Connections invites us on a journey through simple exercises with various different partners, to offer an exquisite experience of moving with others in the most authentic and pleasurable way, that is utterly accessible, fully embodied and most importantly simple, involving absolutely no steps or technical skill at all.


For many, raving is deeply spiritual. Just like people go to church every Sunday, ravers go to their favourite dance floor, surrounded by community and celebrate the music curated by their DJ priest; And festivals are like a raver’s holy trip to Mecca.My workshop aims to facilitate people to bring more consciousness and intention to raving, highlighting it’s sacredness.

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Master Djembe player Koroleko is bringing over 20 drums to share his families ancestral musical wisdom with the Lovejam fam!


Relearn how to move your body in a fun and playful way! Release physical and emotional tension through primal movements, a shake, a dance, a jump and a ROAR! Expect to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping as we move through a progression of movements and animal embodiments. Suitable for all bodies!


In this workshop each participant will uncover resources and learn tools to tap into and awaken the fountain of inspiration, the wellspring of creativity, the source of their imagination; the home of the storyteller. We will be using different creative mediums including art, movement, ritual, guided visualisation, sharing and spoken word


Devotional singing allows us to connect with inner power and express the truth of a open heart. But it's not only about singing itself - mantras can be spiritual practice in which the mind rests and the soul surrenders in order to pass the gate of release. I will guide you through the energies of each song to help you transform emotions or/and manifest your intentions.


One of the most popular DJs and facilitators on these isles, MIRA KHANYA, is an established Movement Medicine teacher. Mira holds a powerful and transformational space, facilitating the connection between heart, mind, body and soul. Mira is well know for bringing medicine songs, sacred sounds and tribal bass music from around the globe, as well as ancient future sounds that anchor one's being to its deepest roots and core.


An immersive & interactive journey in which we dive deep within ourselves to better connect, understand, forgive, love & develop a better, healthier & happier relationship with the closest and most important person in our lives, our Self. Self Awareness, Self Reflection, Self Realisation, Self Acceptance, Self Forgiveness, Self Exploration & Self Actualisation.


Honouring the rich musical heritage of Bristol and the WISE isles; and the rich diversity of music that can be found around the world, OSARA creates deep, powerful and transformative dance journeys that are ever listening, evolving and responding to the spirit of time, community and place. ​ He is a resident DJ & facilitator for Ecstatic Dance UK and Lovejam and is an Apprentice with the School of Movement Medicine.


A deeply transformative and healing ceremony, where you will be guided to lovingly work with and release all you have known and experienced money to be and enter a sacred union with money. This ceremony will journey deep into the heart and recode the frequency of money within your body from there. Meeting money in this way creates quantum money healing and manifestation and invites the participants into deep worthiness, just as they are. 


A movement journey of connection. To ourselves, to the others and to the heart of Nature through Cacao medicine, breathwork, embodied expression and sacred clowning.

Cooking delicious and healthy cacao treats while sharing about ceremonial cacao & its nutrition, ancestrality, ecology & ethical trade.


Collective devotional singing workshop, with original techniques for sharing voice, breath and presence anchored in Beloved Sara's Sufi lineage. Move through realms of absolution, peace and transcendence by experiencing your own voice as an instrument of spiritual expression. Singing mostly in English, some Arabic and Farsi. No singing experience necessary; all welcome.


Circling and Authentic Relating are relational practices. They are done in a group or with another person and invite feeling into the subtleties of one’s present experience in connection with others. Circling in its purest form is an interpersonal meditation and encourages self leadership. Both elicit intimacy and you may find yourself quickly creating deep appreciation of the people you’re with and surprisingly meaningful connections. 


Body art is universal, existing in all tribes across the world as far back as when the first man and women learned to make a paste of clay and water. We will be exploring body art in a connected form of tantra, composing and weaving stories of ourselves and others. using physical touch and creativity through this workshop. A fun and playful workshop to be creative without judgement. 


Morning meditation workshop. Guided meditation for self love and presence within our bodies to set us up for a juicy love-filled day


Join us as we share the keys and fundamental's of Unity/Christ Consciousness embodiment... We will reveal the underlying cornerstones of the Law of One and what it means to step towards embodying the divine masculine and divine feminine. Then we will follow on with a meditation and energetic Transmission allowing all who feel the call to receive and connect to their own Divinity. 


Solo, partnered and group exercises to connect and intimately express how we feel through movement, sounds and words accompanied by live percussion from Mantis Oras. 


Taking inspiration from Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication, we look at understanding conflict and how to have conversations that most of us find difficult, and often avoid, so that we can walk towards conflict with love and compassion rather than fear, blame and judgement. In this way conflict is a gift through which we can connect more deeply and find real love and intimacy.


We create a safe container for men to share, heal and grow together. The practises that we will integrate include: somatic practises such as tapping, breathwork, Qi gong and embodied movement alongside a series of men's-work practises that involve practice-led group coaching and a sharing circle. Inspired by Jungian psychology and Robert Moore’s book ‘King, Warrior, Magician, Lover’ our workshops seeks both to inform and to explore.


#ConsciousComedy! After everything we have been though in The Dawn Of The Covids, sit back, relax and giggle at the medley of dichotomies in life. Muse at the double standards of the spiritual world. Laughter is the best medicine after all ! A blend of comedy and discussion, wrapped in some guided joyful movement with music.


Vibey self love healing yoga flow that’s good for the body and soul combining Ashtanga & Vinyasa. 


The Tea ritual will use ceremony, prayer, meditation, energy work, intention setting, potioncraft (brewing blue lotus infusion) and sharing space to aloow each participent to connect with thier own internal energy body and guidance system. This will then be followed by a acro yoga session to then share this energy enhancement and connection with outhers.


Music is the language we all speak. This workshops focus is the language of rhythm via percussion and drumming. In this workshop Joe will share exercises to empower your drumming and allow you to enjoy the universal language of rhythm. This workshop will help to deepen your practice and open up new ways for you to enjoy music for yourself and also with others.


A place to unwind and relax connecting with nature and the water element in this buddied up yoga session on our swimming lake


A intimate guided meditation to meet and greet the inner child within. A safe space created for you to speak, interact and connect to parts of yourself you may not be so familiar with. Followed by a talking circle for those who want to share.

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An epic gong performance that puts you into a deep meditational theta state, enabling you to totally relax, de-stress and heal physically & mentally. Enter a consciousness-expanding sound journey where you travel through your own inner landscape. Bring a yoga mat and a blanket. Meditate, Relax, Rejuvenate.


Circle for Men and Women to connect in a deep Heart-Centred way. To explore what Sacred Sexuality means and what part the Masculine and Feminine polarities have to play. Chance to connect with your Self, your inner child, each other, The Earth and the Cosmos.


Brazilian Forró is an easy-to-learn partner dance for everyone to connect! The steps begin in a simple way that we can all get to grips with.. and the dance is inspired by the lovely folkloric sounds of the Forró rhythms themselves.. The essence of forró is about the connection between the dancers. Julia brings our attention to this sense of connection in many ways


Through your breath and body you will be guided to lean into your edge and release tension. You will leave floating out of class, feel fully resorted, relaxed and connected to your body and breath. This class will guide you to open up your body in a new way and is based on the yin philosophy that were you are is where you are meant to be, no further or lesser, this class will be beautifully set too healing music.


This guided Rebirthing breathwork uses the power of conscious connected breathing to work on unpeeling the layers of limiting beliefs, traumas and memories that have been keeping you in fear and stopping you from remembering who you truly are!


We encourage anyone who wants to be more in their bodies and challenge themselves, using techniques to let go, trust, learn to listen, to connect with others through touch and break through fears and limitations, opening up new possibilities and ways of expressing oneself.

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Everything is Vibration, everything is Frequency, through vocal exercises you will learn how to unlock resonance Points of your body allowing the fluid conduction of the frequency in its optimal vibration. A deep and expansive experience in sound, Using tribal instruments we will give the participant an immersive journey in the ancestral cosmo vision through music.


Inspiro Movement is a workshop based on 5 of my favourite movement practices. Each of which I have assigned to an element: Martial Artistry - Earth. Freerunning - Water. Breakdancing - Fire. Capoeira - Air. Yoga and Meditation- Ether. The first half will be devoted to the Yang (Masculine) Energy – learning form, moves, routine. The second half will be devoted to the Yin (Feminine) Energy – free flowing, freestyle, freedom.

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Evan & Isla-Rose will be bringing the heart-soothing energy of Mumma cacao & Hawthorn, to bring you a ceremony filled with heart-expansion, magic and deep wisdom. We will be journeying deep into the otherworld to meet with both plant spirits for guidance and insights into our lives at this time. Evan and Isla-Rose will be guiding you on a shamanic sound journey, with live instruments, channelled song and medicine drum beats.

Body art is universal, existing in all tribes across the world as far back as when the first man and women learned to make a paste of clay and water. We will be exploring body art in a connected form of tantra, composing and weaving stories of ourselves and others. using physical touch and creativity through this workshop. A fun and playful workshop to be creative without judgement. 

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