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Crops not shops is dedicated to helping preserve and progress the next 7 generations forward for land care, people care and fair shares for all. It's our utmost priority co create wonderful joyful safe spaces for children and families where ever we go.

The Inner Child Temple Space:

11am : Children's opening ceremony - lighting the children's fire that will stay lit for the duration. 


2pm: Remembering our ancestors prayer and wish tree.


4pm: The new earth children's chant


6pm: Between silence and sound journey




11am: Children's yoga


1pm: Guided meditation 


3pm: Family constellations 


5pm: Rites of passage and child led cacao ceremony 



11am: Meditation and fun yoga


1pm: Moon cycles ( teens only )


3pm: Conscious parenting


5pm: Closing the children's fire ceremony 




The New Earth Forest Space



12 pm: Beckys bushcraft and survival skills 


2pm: Wild shelter building


3pm: Wood carving and pyrography 


4:30pm: Willow basket weaving


6pm: Cooking cropsnotshops veg on the open fire



12pm: Foraging with Lou 


2pm: Forest mandalas


4pm: Dream catcher and tribal mask making 


6pm: Fire lighting with flint and steel



12pm: Permaculture for youths


2pm: Seed the future


4pm: Which plants are which





Creative Play, Movement and Expression Space


12pm: Thai Chi & Thai Kick boxing workshop 


2pm: Create your own play


3pm: Acrobatics 


4pm: Wolumbee and the 7year old musical wizard


6pm: Weeping willow story circle




12pm: Singing circle with Caroline


2pm: Decorate your dad


3:30 pm: Create your own play part 2


5pm: Dance while you can children's jam




12pm: Alex Akal's musical journey


1pm: Rocking up the nursery rhymes


2pm: The mad scientist 


4pm: The play performance


We will also have a face painting stand £3 per face.


An open arts and crafts tent for free creativity,


an assault course,


a totem pole to decorate,


Field games and scavenger hunts to keep everyone to be entertained all weekend long! <3 

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Lovejam Campout 2024
Lovejam Campout 2024
05 Sept 2024, 15:00
Location is TBD
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