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Welcome to the fam! We are a conscious community of change-makers, yogis, musicians, artists, healers & lovers, focused on creating non-judgemental spaces for authentic, creative & emotional expression. We love you just are you are. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, you won’t see us force feeding you spiritual belief systems, we prefer to create safe, relaxed & open containers to allow seeds of change to grow organically.

We believe celebration should be nourishing & rejuvenating at its core. 

We believe that music is the universal language & has the power to bring us all together as one.

We believe that peace starts on our plates so food should as free from suffering as much as possible. 

We believe education should empower & enliven humanity.  

We believe that all can heal through authentic relating & collective support.

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All emotions are valid, we honour the duality between light & dark that exists within and without & encourage freedom of expression emotionally & creatively. 


We are stronger united than we are alone. In a society that systematises discrimination & segregation we choose to come together. 



The atmosphere & energy at our gatherings devoid of alcohol is something special. Nourishing mind, body & soul on a night out is a game changer. 


We believe in a radical new approach to education that encourages self-actualisation. We swap gov't indoctrination for free & forward thinking exploration. 


Billions of animals are killed every year, yet we now are the first species ever to be able to choose where our food comes from. We can choose more compassion. Peace starts on our plates.


Everybody should have access to an empowered education, a support network to heal & a community to celebrate life with. We invite those with lesser opportunities & create safe spaces. 


Race, gender, sexuality, class - we do not discriminate and actively encourage equality. We encourage radical acceptance of our authentic selves and inspire courage in expressing who we are. 



We work towards a regenerative society that is resilient, self-reliant, community mobilised & supports our natural ecosystems. 

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Family Friendly 
Plant Based
Alcohol Free
Earlybird Tickets - £88 (SOLD OUT)

First Release Tickets - £111 (SOLD OUT)

Second Release Tickets - £133 (SOLD OUT)

Final Release Tickets - £177

(includes everything except food, your tent or campervan pass)

The Natural Flow Yoga Retreat is an opportunity for healing & rejuvenation inspired by the ancient yogic traditions & set on sacred lands with ancient oaks and stunning waters. Our invitation is to connect with your true nature of inner peace through reconnecting to the natural world & the ancient wisdom of yoga. 

🌱Wild swimming

🌱Delicious Ayurvedic food Included

🌱Daily yoga

🌱Breathwork, Meditation, Foraging Walks, Wild Plant Ceremony , Fire Ceremony 

🌱Live music from Lovejam's finest musicians 

🌱Set riverside on the breathtaking Hardwick Estate. 

"Wow, what a beautiful & nourishing experience for body, mind & soul! Such a wonderful team & community of people, and held in a stunning space which really enhanced the magic of the retreat"

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