Sunday 29th November


Woodhill Common Road



Greetings & Love

Welcome one all to this glorious day of healing music, prayer, chanting mantras, songs of praise & planting trees for future days, Sharing of food and the sharing of the sacred fire.

This event is a full fundraiser for CROPS NOT SHOPS to set up base 3 at the Woodland Woom project to feed the community for FREE, to offer FREE sustainable land management, permaculture, grow your own education and to sustain a base for Earth care and healing.

We are dedicated to helping liberation for all life to bring forward the current shift in consciousness from the fear to LOVE.

A wonderful day with Antarma

On the day we will plant 33 willow trees in the sacred shape and reflection of the Sacred woom.
We will say a blessing together as we plant them and hold space for short while around the planted area.

We will then proceed to the sacred woom hall and be lead and guided through a
4-5 hour meditation, kirtan, chanting musical treat by Antarma,

Then we will share food ( ALL VEGAN ) together and gather around the sacred fire to sing & jam out the night.

Antarmas bio

Antarma’s music is as unique as his life path. Growing up in a mix of
London street culture, spiritual circles, festivals and squats, Antarma
first turned his energy to music & mantras to help him find strength
to meet his own struggles. This inner search led him to learning with
masters from Indian, Amazonian, Sufi and African Brazilian sacred

Antarma took these teachings into his music, honed skills as a rapper
and percussionist, then made his name busking on the London streets,
with an unparalleled ability to immerse hundreds of people with a
single drum and vocal. Now, his gift has him selling out London venues
with ‘Antarma Live’. This powerful event fuses meditation, chanting,
song and dance into a fully interactive journey, bringing audiences into
deep connection and ecstatic joy.

In this time of instability and global concerns, Antarma is offering an
experience that a lot of people seem to need right now; a space in
community to celebrate life’s ups and downs.

Antarma has a diverse range of offerings. From his own original music (either solo or with the band), ecstatic dance with live drumming, mantra & meditation and yoga nidra


What to bring:

Outdoor clothing for the planting,

Cushions, blankets, yoga mats etc for maximum soft comfort during the ceremony,

The food share,
We will supply a warm stew or chilli on the day for us all to eat.

We have also recently created this food share idea where at every event we all bring one dish to share with everyone else so please feel free to bring a dish to share,
( A request only )
But it is nice especially for a gathering of this kind...

Instruments for the Musically mad jam around the sacred fire towards the end.

This is adults only and only 33 spaces are available at a donation of
£33 per person.

To purchase your spot please donate £33 to the following paypal donation link:

ALL FUNDS RAISED will go towards a hugs polytunnel at the project to feed the local community for free.

Hope to see you with us! 

Thanks so much 

hearts & hugs 



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