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Music is the language that we all speak. A primitive force first heard in the womb as our mothers heart beats rhythmically like the drum. A force that united us in joy & collective harmony, we feel incredibly blessed & honoured to bring to you this line up. 

Lewis Dafydd 

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One of last years highlight performances, Lewis skillfully merges djembe, guitar & his soulful voice with a fusion of Icaros, devotional medicine music, reggae rhythms & sacred mantra.



Introducing London based somali artist FaceSoul aka Faisal Salah and his incredibly moving soulful compositions and stories. Rendering the listener spellbound with his raw, immersive & atmospheric soundscapes. This meditative sound journey is set to be one of our highlights this year.


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Aside from her residency at the UK’s longest running psytrance club, Club 414 in Brixton, Florescence has played at numerous events in London, Bristol, Switzerland and Sweden & Goa, Including ‘Psymera’, ‘Butterfly Effect’, ‘Psychedelic Malmo’ & ‘The Prescription’ and even the legendary Shiva Valley & Symposium Festival. Recently signed to the Spanish / English label, Maharetta Records, we are in for a treat! Expect uplifting, funky fast paced set.



Antarma first turned his energy to music & mantras to help him find strength to meet his own struggles. This inner search led him to learning with masters from Indian, Amazonian, Sufi and African Brazilian sacred traditions. Antarma took these teachings into his music, honed skills as a rapper and percussionist, then made his name busking on the London streets, with an unparalleled ability to immerse hundreds of people with a single drum and vocal. Antarma fuses meditation, chanting, song and dance into a fully interactive journey, bringing audiences into deep connection and ecstatic joy.

Mobius Loop


Mobius Loop create gloriously eccentric and philosophical folk stories, fusing world music and conscious rap with eruptions of free-form dance charged with an intimately powerful and intense energetic live performance. Mobius Loop are on a mission to raise positive vibrations, projecting an organic co-operative voice for humanist spirituality, vegan philosophy, grassroots philanthropy, true democracy and alchemical magic, in the name of the Hemp Redemption and the infinite unknown.

Nebula Sun

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Nebula Sun are a five-piece outfit from Norwich, they combine uplifting dance-focused rhythms with atmospheric melodies, blending West African music, Jazz, Soul and Hip Hop to create a unique and vibrant sound. Nebula Sun have been championed by BBC Introducing, Lopa Kothari and BBC Radio 3’s In Tune.

Malick Kouyate 

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Malick is a professional Djembe & Kora player who comes from a long family line of Senegalese musicians. We are incredibly blessed to have him performing this year.



Ayebaitari is founder of Queer Rave, a DJ, performance artist, and lives for the rave. Expect high energy Jungle & Drum & Bass with a hint of ritual. She will be experimenting with creativity, creating analogue video. Her set enables all to experience freedom, and connect with our innermost sacred sanctuary of ecstasy within our bodies. Às̩e̩!

Mary-Grace Dineen


Mary has been at the heart & soul of Lovejam since the very beginnings jamming in Victoria park. She is an incredibly talented singer songwriter and we are incredibly blessed to have her performing once again. 


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South African born, London based artist, J.Müller designs new realities as a singer, dj, producer, poet and creator of parth_é. J.Müller stands firmly in her ancestral roots, which translates through her sound, merging electronic music from different parts of the world that meet in an eclectic melting pot.

Sivani Mata Francis


Sivani Mata is an artist who is moved by a sensory and elemental exploration of life through practice that evokes the liminal experience of trance-like states of consciousness, and the centring of the awareness in heart. She believes in this process of deep inner work as a way to cultivate a harmonic relationship with the Earth. Sivani Mata is a student of bhakti yoga, and shares  Kirtan (music as medicine), Women’s Circles and Yoga Nidra amongst other things. Sivani Mata is grateful for this journey she finds herself on and the practices that support her path.

Pete The Temp


Pete the Temp is the former UK Poetry Slam Champion. His work has been featured on BBC radio and television and he has performed around the world with the organisations such as the British Council. Pete samples human beatbox, vocals, guitar (and audience members) live into a loop station. This is a funny and high energy show of music and interaction that will get you clapping, singing and dancing.



Is your soul ready for the RainBoa frequency? The 4-piece band creating original sound healing vortexes fusing aspects of traditional shamanism with dreamy psychedelic rock. Surrender to the RainBoa river, a soul voyage of deep remembering.

Parallel 7 


Tribal Dub, Mystical Down Tempo, Psy & World Beats In a no border style taking you far & wide. Music for the mind, body and the soul! A sound system grown out of Birmingham UK, has a love for all things mystical and magik with that ethereal, deep and enchanting edge.

Mad Max b2b Ma Yeye


MadMax and Ma Yeye aka Tribe Of Baloo play global sounds from all corners of the world. Madmax is also the co-founder of Love Carnival. Expect Latin rhythms infused with Afrobeats, downtempo, Arabic and tribal sounds mixed with percussive elements and feel good vibes. The Tribe Of Baloo explores the sonic variety of tribal global beats with underground sounds as they journey across forgotten lands and cities..

Alex Akal

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Alex Akal is an experimental musician who connects contemporary music with traditional instruments. He is a multi-instrumentalist musician. Expect a Tribal Psychedelic performance with Didgeridoo, Synth, Drums, Native American flute, and Fujara. Every song will bring you on a journey, from psychedelic shamanic chanting and smooth tribal melodies to fast psytrance-like dance music, in an exciting progression that will give you ecstasy and goosebumps.

Mae Bird


Mae Bird is a singer/songwriter and musical witch intent on singing a new reality into existence based on balance, harmony and unconditional love. Her inspirations are the moon, the seasons, the birds and the deep alchemy of the human spirit in these times.

She takes Joni Mitchell-inspired vocals and simple guitar soundscapes and mixes them with Celtic melodies and lyrics about her own personal healing journey of re-wilding and reconnecting to her true power,  calling us back to our home in the heart.

She has been travelling near and far listening out for inspiration, facilitating re-wilding voice workshops and sharing intimate concerts in nature and meditation centres for the last 9 years.

She is currently recording her second collection of songs titled “whispers of the wild” in the woods of west Wales.

Breathe & Bass (Matt Bossa)


Breathe & Bass create live DJ mix journeys that balance movement meditation, breathwork and the musicality of Drum & Bass - releasing and feeling into the tribal connection of conscious jungle. In partnership with teachers and practitioners, Bossa will hold your space with his unique mixing flow where you will speak to your heart and spirit through dance!

Zoe Free The Spirit


Zoë spent her youth partying and playing around the U.K. and at festivals. Highlights include a residency on the Pirate Ship at Boomtown, supporting the likes of Prince Fatty, Hot 8 Brass Band and Dizraeli with 12 piece gypsy-ska band 'Euphony', singing for Dubstep legends like Kromestar, Kahn and Quest as 'Shanti', mc'ing with Hip Hop artists like Ben Jammin as 'Ati Boom' and singing and writing with electronic-dub band 'Mystic Inc'. Now Zoë has a new get up as the free spirit and is fusing her passion for music with her love for Earth and humanity to create songs that speak to all existence. 

Brother Rash

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One of the core Oneness Jam admins, we are buzzing for this one! Expect a multi instrumental performance, bonfire blues, tribal/urban grooves, soulful & devotional hip hop & vocals in combination with Masta Shen on Guitar & Alex Akal on the Didgeridoo.

Xi Fractal

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Xi is an incredibly talented 12  year old drummer/didgeridoo & handpan player. Child prodigy master percussionist, he was born with a love for music, which was nurtured with weekly  percussion circles from 6 months old and later, weekly kids samba. Music and percussion bring him immense joy.

Joe Jordan


Joe is a multi instrumentalist, Vibes coordinator. Creator of Coloured Sound, drummer by trade... Medicine musician, Positive vibes generator. Expect an Instrumental sound healing handpan journey, followed by showcasing Joe's debut acoustic EP. 



Ambassador is a DJ, promoter and radio presenter based in Bristol, England. He has been running Evolution of Dub Promotions for the last 12 years and is nearing his tenth year presenting the EOD radio show on Kane 103.7fm. Much like his live sets he journeys through the tempos from original 70s Jamaican roots, reggae and dub into the golden eras of 90s UK roots and the freshest digital dub and stepper releases of today often blending in elements of hip hop, dancehall, jungle and modern dance music along the way. 

Elian & The English Rose Collective

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The collective consists of medicine musician Elian Kidd, Medicine musician and  jazz pianist George Fogel, devotional singer song writer Seren Rose and Brazilian percussionist and singer song writer Lizzie Ogle,  The collective  have been holding and sharing devotional singing groups, sharing sacred mantra and chants for over 3 years, and more currently receiving and sharing  original compositions.

Aylon & Topaz


Aylon & Topaz will be taking you on a journey of Love and Healing through Medicine Music. Through rich melodies and sounds filled with shamanic influences, Aylon & Topaz are inviting you to celebrate magic with them as honoring the wisdom and teachings within these songs that are prayers; hymns of gratitude intended to transcend duality and bring both masculine and feminine energies to flow harmoniously together.

Luke Jackson


Luke is a wandering poet & dear brother of the Lovejam family. We are excited for him to share with his magic with us!

Aimee Lea Frances


Aimee Lea Frances is a Heart led singer/songwriter & Medicine musician who’s music & message birthed from an inspiring life journey. 


With a burning passion to bring souls together through the power of vibration, voice, movement and healing, her heart songs are a powerful medicine that awaken the heart, creating space for unity, loving acceptance and celebration of ALL that we are.

Saul Sant-Stafrace (Saul Too Much)

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Street Mystic's producer Saul Too Much has been hard at work honing in on his sound for the Lovejam campout. Taking influence from soundsystem culture, conscious teachings and anarchic ideologies, Saul's focus on music production tends to differ between genres but never strays too far from his roots in dub, hip-hop and drum and bass.

This Lovejam Saul will be bringing you an interactive DJ set where everyone and anyone is encouraged to come and get involved. Whilst Sauls playing his favourite dubs, there'll be multiple instruments set up in front of the stage for people to come and jam along! Any singers or instrumentalists will be able to come onstage and showcase their talent on the mic. Think of it as a big open mic dub jam right in the heart of the love jam

23 Sept, 11:00
Abbots Ripton