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31 December - 1st January 

12pm - 2am 

Avalon Priory, Glastonbury


Thank you for the abundance of support & energy for Lovejam Winter Solstice. The momentum cultivated inspired us to put together an evening event the following week for New Year’s Eve, giving gratitude for residents of Avalon Priory for opening their homes again.

You’re invited for an intentional Cacao courtesy of Lovejam as we celebrate the evening with open hearts, laughter & jamz as we boogie into the new year together. 

Mobius Loop will be headlining the drawing room, after gracing the chapel the week before along with the mesmerising Coloured Sound providing a visual experience not to miss.

Eddie Chilvers & Aylon Shamali will sing and serenade us with a beautiful harp, piano duo. 

Sean O Bongo will bring his rhythmical melodies to the keys combined with an elegant performative piece from Jess Summersgill.

Flo Fields & Mary Grace Dineen will be bringing vibes they have consistently brought to Lovejams past, present and future. 

Resident DJs from Lovejam Summers festivals JUS GANA & Key-ron will be grooving down the Chapel giving plenty of opportunities to dance with loved ones and celebrate close 2021 together arriving in 2022 exactly where we want to be. 

Camping/Parking in the field is welcome if needed for the evening however there will be no space within the priory.

Lovejam Café will be offering hot vegan food & tasty treats as ever.

Sauna’s will be keeping us toasty.


Rainbow Chai served in the cosy Teepee’s outside.

Alcohol Free as always. 

About Avalon Priory

Built by William Stradling in 1836 Avalon Priory itself stands elegantly on upon the Isle of Avalon. The castle is roughly 6 miles as the crow flies west of Glastonbury Tor which is considered the heart chakra of the earth and is visible from the exquisite Avalon Priory tower. The ancient land on which the Priory was built has been used by passing pilgrims for thousands of years, on route to The Tor. Once used as a mystery school and a freemason temple, many have utilised the energy and ley lines which run through the sacred chapel encompassed within the castle. The Priory is now a thriving events space and a vegan, alcohol free, community.

We welcome you to come enjoy the Lovejam Soundscape in the sacred temple of Avalon Priory in which many of the residents will be opening their home to the Lovejam family. We intend to honour and uphold the values of this breath-taking events venue/home as they align so well with Lovejam.

See you to celebrate the final day of 2021 together as we welcome a new year ahead <3  

Earlybirds £66

Standard £77

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(Only 80 tickets available)

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