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With the intention to get all of our favourite performers to share their gifts, we combined musicians that we thought could work well together & let the creative juices flow organically. 


The result is this 9 track record, 100% recorded during the beautiful weekend of the Lovejam Campout 2020. 


From the soft melodic tones of the goddess to the rebellious nature of the Street Mytics, we feel this record really well represents a weekend that was hard to do justice simply with words.


All of the money made from this EP will be being donated to a community fund with the intention to build a modern day recovery programme to help alcoholics reintegrate into society post rehab. We will decide collectively how this money is best invested to create this project. If you would like to be involved with the creation & running of this much needed project please email us at


Full tracklist: 

1) The Northern Poet ft Mae Bird -  Intro -

2) Mae Bird & The Northern Poet - Courage

3) Mary-Grace Dineen ft Adam Ash, Flo Fields - Part of her garden 

4) Mobius Loop - Once upon an infinite 

5) Benedick George ft. Mary-Grace Dineen & Flo Fields - Coconut milk

6) Street Mystics - Fear & love 

7) FlowTwins - Unravelling  

8) Aimee Lea Frances  - Down to the river 

9) Bonus track: Antarma, Joe Jordan, Nathan, Flo Fields - River of sound  


Artwork by Natasha Creaton


Recorded, Engineered & Mastered by John Evans of Canterbury Sound 


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