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Yes Lovejam family! Welcome to the club! 


We are extremely excited to announce our first sober party back in the London since pre-pandemic times … 


Both Lovejam and Club Cultured’s humble roots began over the summer of 2018 as we both launched our passion projects and set off into the world with a collective vision of compassion, nourishment and forward thinking health.


4 years later & it’s safe to say the extended family are doing bits! 


With all of this bulls**t separation & division that our communities have been force fed over the last few years, we say that UNITY is the answer & that undoubtedly, TOGETHER WE THRIVE!  


All is interconnected, from the ancient mycelial networks that helps the wise trees communicate, to the perpetual alchemisation & energy exchange we share with mother earth within each breath that we take … 


The concept for this gathering is simple: create an uplifting atmosphere for community to unite through powerful music, empowering/ nourishing activities & top notch plant powered food. 


Centered on principles of rejuvenation, co-creation & non-judgement, we are absolutely buzzing to come together once more in this way as a community in our home town & the heart of London! 


The event is split into 2 parts … 


Part One 'THRIVE': 4-7pm 

Part One is the ‘Thrive’ section. This is all about rejuvenating, regenerating and embodying principles that allow us to THRIVE. We have organised a packed line up of workshops & talks for you! 

Breathwork, Yoga, Sound Healing, Growth Mindset, Meditation, Embodiment, Fasting, Gut Health, Permaculture, Fermentation and more good stuff ... 

This starts at 4pm & runs till 7pm. 


Part Two: 7-11pm

Part Two is where we celebrate the wonderful creative talent of London. Starting with a poetry slam, we move onto live music from Lovejam OGs, Lewis Dafydd & Chantelle’s project Cheetah Ram. Next up we welcome a sound frequency vibratory journey from the incredible Terra Cosmica (Api & Rueben). At this point it's time we raise the energy levels with an ecstatic dance set, held by Ecstatic Dance UK who have been hosting some incredible dances in Hackney for the last few years. The music for the night will culminate in a drum and bass ragga jungle set.


We shall close the container with a guided meditation & ceremony held by one of the elders in our community. 


The Venue: The. Lodge Space, Canada Water. 

The.Lodge Space is a yoga studio & veggie cafe that hosts 50+ classes a week offering a variety of different movement disciplines from yoga to pilates to budoken. 


We have three studios being used for different workshops, jams and performances as well as a stunning garden space with a large fire pit where we will have some storytelling and jams. 


The café space, a haven for networking, we will have some talks, activism, poetry, handpoke tattoo as well as a raffle for the Ukraine fundraiser & alkaline herbalist ‘The Human Remedy’ sharing some natural medicine with the community. 


Here we shall be serving top-notch Club Cultured vegan grub as well as some healthy smoothies, juices, fermented drinks, cacao and all the delicious yummy bites that you can imagine.


In the café space we will have some talks, activism, poetry, handpoke tattoo as well as a raffle for the Ukraine fundraiser & alkaline herbalist ‘The Human Remedy’ sharing some natural medicine with the community. Lasty we will have a book/podcast knowledge swap to share your most impactful personal development tools with the club!


‘THRIVE’ Ticket £45 - entry from 4pm 

Evening Ticket £25 - entry from 7pm 


This will be a wonderful opportunity for the London community to come together to celebrate wellness, compassion, plant power and local musical talent. 


Come along, join the club, join the family and let’s have it! 


Lovejam family fb group:


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Hearts & hugs,

The Lovejam family & Club Cultured


#keepitcultured #spreadthelove

Lovejam Campout 2024
Lovejam Campout 2024
05 Sept 2024, 15:00
Location is TBD
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