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Here's how we reduce our ecological impact ...

  • Single use plastics & Tetra packs are banned on site. 

  • All traders on site are 100% Vegan & invited to work with local suppliers. 

  • We do our best to work with local suppliers (regional -> national -> international)  

  • We have a rideshare document to help reduce Co2 emissions (Click Here) 

  • We invite all to brings your own bowl/cutlery/cups (or phil wont be happy with you) 

  • All packaging & cutlery on site is compostable or biodegradable.

  • We are ensuring strict separation of organic waste from landfill waste in order to close a full circle loop & turn organic waste into compost & then food! 

  • All of our toilets are compost toilets this year! Compostable toilets turn your poo into gold (aka compost which in turn grows our food!) 

  • We are incentivizing & empowering individual responsibility for recycling and dealing with own waste. 

  • & of course we work on a Leave No Trace policy!

Have another solution for us? Drop us a line at

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