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Lovejam presents

Empowered Mornings

Hosted by Nathan Gallagher 

& Phil Cannaveda Yoga


A multidisciplinary daily live class & support group to establish new empowered habits.

07 March 2021, 08:00am | Daily Zoom

This is for anybody who:

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  • Wants to understand, develop or deepen their yoga, breathwork or manifestation practice.

  • Thrives doing the work with a supportive community.

  • Struggles to self start. 

  • Is wanting to develop a regular morning routine & wellbeing practice.

  • Who has tried to meditate but has been unable to succesfully.

  • Wants to develop momentum, drive & find clarity on their life intentions. 

  • Wants to improve their mental, emotion, physical & spiritual health.

  • Is at any yoga, meditation, breathwork or visualisation ability level.

  • Is strapped for time so looking for something potent & effective.

What you will receive 

  • Daily classes (yoga, breathwork, manifestation). 

  • Private membership forum & community support group. 

  • 1-1 support & mentorship 

  • Ayurvedic Dosha plan. 

  • Conscious connected breathwork sessions.

  • Accountabilibuddies. 

  • Recordings & on-demand playback access. 

  • Empower up PDF downloads (self coaching & educational assets). 

  • Empower up playlist (for continuing self practice). 


More than just a morning routine

Alternating days, Phil & Nathan will be delivering a daily morning class to deepen & progress your yoga, breathwork & manifestation practices. 


One day, Phil (Cannaveda Yoga) will be teaching various styles of Yoga (predominantly Hatha as well as drawing from, Tantra, Yin, Mantra and Ayurvedic Self Yoga Massage). 


The next day, Nathan (Breath by Nathan) will be teaching pranayama, breathwork, & creative visualization practices for manifesting your dreams. 

This cycle will continue for the full 21 days. 

21 days 

1st Feb - 21st Feb 

Daily 1 hour practice 


Live on Zoom

Investment just £33 (Usually worth over £100)

We want to reach as many people as we can with these powerful practices. We feel they should be accessible to all.

We do have a few scholarship places available for anybody who cannot afford this investment. 

About Your Facilitators 

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Phil Sweeney,

Cannaveda Yoga

Phil is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, founder of Cannaveda Yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist & Yotism (Yoga for Autism instructor).  

He has been building a 1-1 practice, offering yoga therapy, coaching, massage & yoga classes. 5 years of living and breathing Yogic philosophy daily and studying from many teachers and teachings all across the world, Yoga has become a passion and great form of expression for the deepest parts of Phils soul. He is deeply committed to the Yogic way of life & highly motivated to help people heal through yoga and organic herbal products. 


Nathan Gallagher,

Nathan is a Transformational Breath® facilitator & trainee Oxygen Advantage® Instructor. He is the founder of Lovejam & Breath By Nathan, a platform for science backed breathwork to help optimise mental & emotional wellbeing. Nathan specialises in deep dive breathwork therapy for trauma release & emotional integration. He has a deep commitment to his own personal practice, he is well & truly obsessed with the power of conscious breathing as a practice to empower humanity. He first discovered the power of retraining the subconscious mind when he was 13 when his mother used the law of attraction to beat stage 4 cancer. He has since wrote a book on utilising the subconscious mind for self-healing. 

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What to expect from Nathan's Classes:

To begin the programme we will lay important foundations with theoretical understandings of the key concepts such as breathing functionality, habitual breathing, physiology & psychological impacts, heart coherence, retraining the subconscious & creating compelling visualisations to manifest our dreams. 


Once key concepts have been established, we will put these into good use with classes being predominantly practical where I shall guide a series of breathing flows, breathing meditations & creative visualisation practices drawing from teachers such as Joe Dispenza, Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy, The Heart Math Institute, Transformational Breath as well as traditional & ancient lineages such as Kundalini Yoga, Yogic Pranayama, Vipassana & Qigong

What to expect from Phil's Classes:




Phil will be teaching various styles of Yoga. Predominantly Hatha as well as drawing from, Tantra, Yin, Mantra and Ayurvedic Self Yoga Massage. We start where aim to finish, still and grounded. Very slowly we loosen the fascia inviting very gentle, subtle movement into the body preparing for the spine for a warm up. Invoking elements of Yin and Yang we progress into  Suriya/Chandra Namaskara (salutations to the sun and moon) integrating standing postures before moving into balances. Coming down to the floor we begin to solidify our core followed by hip openers, back bends, inversions and supine twists. We rest in Savasana and close the closing of the energy centres. 

Self Ayurvedic Yoga Massage sessions will empower you to give your body the self care it deserves without the dependency of another being. Innerstanding your body, cross-referencing  with your asana practice we aim to release tension and explore the unique complexities of your body by yourself. 


Guaranteed Satisfaction or your money back.

We are so confident that this daily practice will help you to feel better that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee if you don't feel satisfied by the end of the programme. 

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Why are we doing this? 

Have you ever woken up feeling down, feeling tired, feeling groggy, feeling like you just cant be bothered?


I know that I have (Nathan), and most likely you have to.  


For me one thing is for certain when I wake up like this, I am 100% less driven to partake in my regular morning practice.

One morning however, I pushed through with my morning practice of yoga, breathwork, meditation & visualisation ... 


The results astounded me, I felt 1000x better after pushing through the limitation, stories & excuses of my MIND and stepping into a place of more self power. 

I had literally created a whole new state of physiological & psychological  being from the one I woke up in. 


It’s not a surprise really! We have immense power to improve our happiness & state of mind if we know HOW. 


This was the moment I had this important realisation. 


The exact time when we MOST need to do our morning practice is the exact time that we LEAST want to practice it. 


This got me thinking …


What if we created a support group & community network where we can all support & motivate each other to engage with these practices & form new positive, empowered habits. 


These practices have drastically enriched & improved our lives, Both Phil & I literally live & breathe our disciplines (excuse the pun) & we really want to share these life changing practices with you.

So here we are! 


Why should you commit to this 21 day programme? 

  • Be part of an inspiring group of people to help you form new positive habits. 

  • Establish/build upon your daily physical movement practice designed to invigorate your vital energies, connecting body and mind. 

  • Increase strength, flexibility & endurance.

  • Identify, nourish and release blockages physically, mentally and emotionally whilst Integrating the Yin Yang of Yoga into your daily life.

  • Develop more heart coherence and tap into the intuitive wisdom of your heart.

  • Elevate your energy levels, strengthen your electromagnetic field and energy body, 

  • Awaken sexual energy, increase sexual endurance and stamina.

  • Learn to bring energy up to the higher energy centres by opening the heart and utilise this for manifestation. 

  • Boost your immune system. 

  • Boost your resilience to stress.

  • Improve your mental health.

  • Calm & focus your mind.

  • Speed up your law of attraction by developing a daily manifestation and intention processes that help you become in energetic vibrational alignment with the goals and future you desire.

  • Manifest your dreams.

  • Create & amplify your intentions through a collective practice


By the end of this programme you will:

  • Know the absolute subtleties of your breath and improved your habitual breathing functionality 

  • Have a toolkit of breathing techniques to utilise for any given situation (anxiety reduction, boosting energy levels, emotional integration, inducing sleep, gaining clarity etc.) 

  • Have strengthened your respiratory system and increased breathing capacity

  • Understand the importance of consciously connecting to the breath and how this is the gift that keeps giving (emotionally, mentally, spiritually).

  • Have empowered your own present moment bodily awareness & feel much more in tune with you your body.

  • Have released layers of bodily & emotional tension.

  • Have several asana sequences you can draw upon to release blockages & build muscular endurance & flexibility.

  • Understand several different mantra meanings and be able to recite them.

  • Have a toolkit to practice with for increasing your sexual endurance.

  • Have opened up new energetic channels in your body.

  • Released energetic blockages that may have been stored in your body for long periods of time & may be have been unconsciously holding you back. 

  • Have more clarity on your goals, values and intentions. 

  • Have mapped out the elevated emotions these intentions bring and embodied them on a daily basis to bring you in vibrational alignment with that reality. 

  • Have found a new support network, friends and brothers/sisters to continue inspiring each other's growth. 


"Thank you for the Yoga training you recently delivered for us. We all really enjoyed the sessions. It has inspired many to practice some of the postures with their students and we have also been practising some of the movements as a staff team during briefings and de-briefs which has kept us warm and smiling! Your delivery and approach made it fun and accessible for everyone even those who had never practised yoga before and your passion and knowledge of the subject shone through."

Julia & Mark, Path Hill Outdoors

"Working with Nathan has been an absolute pleasure. He is so knowledgable in breathwork and the positive benefits it can provide, he makes the science easy to understand blends the theory beautifully with practical exercises. He is highly professional, yet at the same time he is really friendly, approachable and fun. I will continue to collaborate with him as I know he is the best breathwork facilitator I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside. Thank you Nathan!'"

Rosie Peacock, Positive Psychologist and Wellness Coordinator

"Just attended one of Nathan's breath work classes. Wow!! feeling so light and relieved from lots of bodily tension and my mind is a whole lot calmer. I would recommend anyone to try one of Nathans classes and experience the power of breath. Nathan uses a wide range of techniques and is great at leading those who are new to the art. A great way to connect with body, mind and spirit"

Louis Neville

"Just done my first zoom class with Phil! I am feeling a deeper connection with my body, a more harmonious flow of energy and a still mind, Phil is a great Teacher that combines yoga, meditation and breath work in such a smooth way, he's style of yoga is suitable for all levels and feels very authentic, he really takes the practice back to its roots which i feel is important and has been hard for me to find a Teacher who does so."



We would truly love to share this journey with you

For just £33 you will receive: 

  • 21 Daily classes (yoga, breathwork, manifestation). 

  • Private membership forum & community support group. 

  • 1-1 support from Nathan & Phil.

  • Ayurvedic Dosha plan. 

  • Conscious connected breathwork sessions.

  • Accountabilibuddies. 

  • Recordings & on-demand playback access. 

  • Empower up PDF downloads (self coaching & educational assets). 

  • Empower up playlist (for continuing self practice). 

21-Day Empowered Mornings Challenge
21-Day Empowered Mornings Challenge
08 Mar 2021, 08:00 GMT
Daily on Zoom
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