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Planting seeds of personal & societal transformation.

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Lawrence Toye (YES&Co)

Opening Session

An introduction to the YES& Conscious Conversations, Ideas and Solutions Stage. Why is this the perfect time to be coming together to share ideas and solutions to the issues we face both individually and collectively?

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Harry Gallagher (Nightscape)

Escape Your Comfort Zone,

Master Your Fear

After 15 years of actively chasing calculated risks I’ve come to the conclusion that the comfort zone is our enemy. Today I’m going to be sharing the mental and physical journey I have taken to escape my comfort zone and give you advice on how you can do the same.

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Lawrence Toye (YES&Co)

Transform Your Life with Deep Listening 

What IS listening? How do you currently listen to your world? How can awareness of, and adjustment to, the way we listen bring us back into right relationship with ourselves, others and the living world we are a part of? Finding our way to cooperation, collaboration and inclusion requires connection, understanding and openness. Practicing Deep Listening is a core part of the journey.


Elders Council 

Talking Circle 

An opportunity for the elders of our community to share perspectives & wisdom surrounding the societal microcosm of Lovejam & the macrocosm of humanity as a whole. 

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Museum of Consciousness

Sonic Recipes For Consciousness Augmentation

Carl will host a selection of artists and producers who will each create and play a unique piece of sound with the intention to induce an altered state for the listener. The deep listening will be followed up by a mini-lecture with visuals and space for feedback from audience/participants.


Amala Mataji

The Essence of Bhakti Yoga - The Science of Love & Devotion

Everyone is searching for happiness. Due to our conditioning from birth, we are seeking permanent happiness in temporary things. Seeking material solutions to spiritual problems.

The Vedas and Bhagavad-Gita teach us a way of life and death, we can be satisfied in no matter what our external situation. Gain insight in to the potency of this ancient Vedic wisdom through a dedicated practitioner, spiritual leader and life coach HG Amala mataji. 

Join us on this mystical journey of self discovery, to live a life in divine consciousness. Experience the happiness and bliss within us all.

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Emergent Purpose Network

Panel: The Power of Community

To Shift Discomfort

What does it take to create communities of purpose that embody physical and mental wellbeing? A hosted discussion and interactive talk exploring how we can use the power of community to shift through personal discomfort. Join Leyth, Amy and Blaise as they share their personal insights and experiences of building and nurturing community whilst maintaining their own wellbeing.


Lovejam Core Team

Panel/Q&A: Visioning Session

An opportunity to hear from the core Lovejam team about our history, ethos, mission & our vision for the future of Lovejam. 


ReSpace Project

Talk, Workshop, Q&A: Building Alliance and Collaboration, to Create Radical System Change

ReSpace focuses on sharing empty buildings with communities – on a temporary basis – providing solutions to social issues. It identifies, creates and connects a network of community-led spaces that are self-sustaining and collaboratively managed. This is ‘respacing’; it means previously empty buildings have a social purpose in the transitional period before redevelopment. Most sit empty for many years, but instead this resource-generating architecture can provide core social facilities and play whatever role local people need it to.


Mc Xander, Mikey Cirelli,

Martha Allit, Danny N 

Panel: Altered States to Altered Lives [+ Q&A]

Whether through psychotropic plants or spiritual divinatory practice, the role of altered states in healing has prevailed long throughout history. In this panel, we will explore how non-ordinary consciousness has the potential to transform lives, investigating the neurobiological underpinnings of psychedelic healing, the many routes of altering our consciousness, and consider the benefits and pitfalls as these traditional therapeutic practices become increasingly medicalzied in light of our ongoing psychedelic renaissance.

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Nicole (Primal Gathering

Community As A Practice

What makes a community a regenerative community? Is it the lifestyle? The ecological structures built on the land? The seeds planted into the ground? Or is it a daily practice, something that we have to work on within ourselves consciously and consistently? In this talk Nicole Bosky will share why cultivating particular aspects of our character is foundational towards building a sustainable, regenerative community, and requires constant daily practice. She will also share some tools to help cultivate it.

Sophie Wild

Panel: Reclaiming Sovereignty and Choice in Pregnancy and Birth

What choices are available to mothers and to parents regarding pregnancy and birth? What information and potential pathways could be more widely available than it currently is? In a time of dominating scientific dogma and centralised medical care, many parents may be completely unaware of just how broad their options are when it comes to bringing new life into the world. This panel will draw on the perspective and experience of Birthkeepers, Midwives and Mothers to create a holistic and multidimensional insight into the sacred initiation which is as old as humanity itself.


Adam Lind 

Talk: How To Control Your Thoughts & Emotions

Adam Lind is a mindset coach, NLP practitioner & entrepreneur who uses his own life experiences, travels & academic research to give a well rounded view of the mind. Adam infuses eastern & western ideas to give practical tools that you can use to help control thoughts, stress & emotions

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Frankie Paz

How To Bring Ceremony Back To Food

Through the simple acts can we create real change in our lives. Join Frankie as she guides us on how to bring ceremony back to food, and how a new way of story telling around the table can transform our lives to bring more presence, awareness and connection. “The world moves too fast and we rarely have time to pause but what if we slowed the fuck down and picked a flower, popped it on our food and gave thanks to the earth?” Through the simple every day acts can we create real change, and maybe what we have been searching for is right under our feet. Fusing the old world with the new, and connecting with our oldest ancestors - THE PLANTS.

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Lawrence Toye (YES&Co)

Morning Check Ins & Integration (Daily)

An open discussion to share reflections or insights from Friday's talks and panel sessions

Lovejam Campout 2024
Lovejam Campout 2024
05 Sept 2024, 15:00
Location is TBD

Body art is universal, existing in all tribes across the world as far back as when the first man and women learned to make a paste of clay and water. We will be exploring body art in a connected form of tantra, composing and weaving stories of ourselves and others. using physical touch and creativity through this workshop. A fun and playful workshop to be creative without judgement. 

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