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Reflection on Love.

Updated: May 29, 2023

Some say real love doesn't hurt.

This is not true.

Real love will slice you open.

It will show you exactly where you aren't loving yourself and others. One has to be humble in order to acknowledge and be willing to accept these shortcomings.

It feels like an incandescent blade, cutting through your own lies, the lies you rely on to make sense of the world. A world which is limited, confined to a measurable reality in a self-containing membrane, in an elusive state of false safety.

Real love transcends everything. It can be as elevating and illuminating as gut turning.

There is no place for fear in the presence of real love. Love makes inner turmoil vanish, leaving only space, the void of the infinite. A space where you don't have to have to.

Real love will show you where you are falling short, where you are incomplete as an only human because real love includes everyone else. It dissolves the fiction of separation created by the ego.

Real love means surrendering your desires, expectations, wants, indoctrination, even education. Real love is acceptance, liberating and terrifying at the same time because we are attached in the physical realm. For survival, we are naturally attached to food and fluids, to making an income, to people, to wishes, dreams, desires, to sexual desire. But just imagine for a moment, if you didn't need to survive, if you didn't need your material and emotional attachments, who would you be? What would your day look like? What would your heart feel like?

I can tell you it feels unreal. It's a rather altered state of mind. It's not the norm. It's like being high. The trees around seem to be alive, the surroundings feel like water, all is wavy, the ground... well, you feel like floating, everything slows down, the colours of the flowers and the grass vibrate intensely. You feel the colours in your own cells, you feel the wave, you ARE the wave. There is no separation. The frequencies of the bird songs travel through the whole of your body, it doesn't start and stop in your ears. And you smile, simply naturally. Resistance is removed. The people around you cannot resist your vibration, they look at you and smile, EVERYONE DOES! Children stare at you with genuine curiosity. They have probably never seen an iridescent and luminescent being before.

What is this? Have I achieved the state of nirvana? Is this the universal love so many enlightened talk about? I feel I've been touched by a magic wand. No, I'm not hallucinating nor dreaming, nor drugged, I've never been more awake and conscious in my life! Well, it isn't the first time. I get glimpses now and then but this time is the strongest and longest lasting.

Love brings everything to light if you can allow yourself to experience it. Before getting here, I hurt a lot. I have been working out and working in to get here.

Fire Sage Journey (Ana Guerrero)

Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist


Instagram: @anaguerrero_holisticwellbeing (

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